Saint Gabriel Alumni network

Saint Gabriel Alumni network

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Saint Gabriel-Saint Michel Alumni association is gathering Alumni, students and their families, teachers, CEOs and entrepreneurs as well as supporters of Saint Gabriel-Saint Michel institution.



Its main objectives are to mobilize the community, promote dialogue and support the career of its members. They naturally turned to AlumnForce to achieve these objectives : an online private social professional network designed for Alumni association and a performing tool to manage such a community.

Since 2014, Saint Gabriel-Saint Michel network has chosen the AlumnForce solution in order to better:

  • Mobilize its social professional network online
  • Promote dialogue between Alumni and the institution
  • Support students throughout their school years by giving them access to internship offers and by soliciting Alumni testimonials about their career development and experience
  • Boost mutual help (Career center where Alumni can post offers for students, an online directory, etc.)
  • Contribute to Saint Gabriel-Saint Michel’s reputation
  • Create networking opportunities

Via the AlumnForce platform, this structure offers a privileged place online where all the members of the network can read articles, attend events, consult the online directory, etc.

We wish them a successful management of their community!

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