IPAG Alumni – IPAG Business School alumni network

IPAG Alumni – IPAG Business School alumni network

Access to the alumni network: www.ipag-alumni.com/

Founded in 1965, IPAG Business School is delivering a Master’s degree and is ranked among the best management school with 80% of graduates finding a job 2 months after graduation and 40% finding it before graduation.


IPAG has 4 campuses in France and abroad, has developed partnerships with not least than 127 universities and corresponds to a community of 9 500 graduates and 2 800 students.

With the IPAG Alumni network, school is willing to :

  • Promote the IPAG network in the professionnal world

  • Organize round tables around jobs which will be animated by the school’s alumni themselves, in order to make the students find out different career possibilities

  • Organize a mentoring system

  • Offer the possibility to help the students and graduates to build their professional project

  • Organize meetings and events between the graduates

  • Coordinate the surveys about professional integration

  • Develop and animate the IPAG Business School alumni network in collaboration with the alumni association


This platform allows the community to :

  • access an online graduates directory

  • receive jobs and internships offers

  • access financial helps to create projects

  • take part to various workshops

  • get advices for the launch of projects

  • attend partners events

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