IMSG – International Management School Geneva

IMSG – International Management School Geneva

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The IMSG is a Business School located within the Biotech Campus which prepares for the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate in business administration. Its educational project advocates the school-business duality in order to prepare, in the best conditions, students for the apprehension of economic and managerial reality.

The IMSG wanted to provide to all its members a platform where alumni, students, teachers, and recruiters could meet and exchange easily in a modern, intuitive, private and secure network. The school then decided to select the AlumnForce solution to help them structure and launch this initiative, one of the main objectives of which is to develop the school’s image, offer professional opportunities to its members and allow them to do business with each other.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome them in the AlumnForce community, and we wish them excellent networking within their network.

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