IFAG Alumni

IFAG Alumni

Access to the alumni network: www.ifag-alumni.com

IFAG Alumni association gathers IFAG graduated and students. Its goals are to stimulate business relationships, support career along with creating a friendly atmosphere.



IFAG Alumni association’s 5 goals are the following:

1.    Develop the “network reflex”

2.    Develop the professional fiber of its departments

3.    Enhance IFAG brand standing

4.    Give the association more legitimacy in the eyes of the school

5.    Manage the association as a company with goals and means


To reach these goals in networking development, the IFAG Alumni association decided to start from scratch by implementing AlumnForce. The new website aims at gathering all communication canals and data on a unique platform while still using social networks for the large audience as communication vectors.

 We implemented a system of social push, which enables the network administrators to multi-post publications or event from AlumnForce on all the other social networks on which IFAG Alumni is active in order to save time.

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