ICH Alumni and students network

ICH Alumni and students network

Access to the alumni network: www.ich.asso.fr/

The Institute for Applied Legal and Economic Studies for Housing Construction (ICH, Institut des etudes économiques et juridiques appliquées à l’immobilier, la Construction et l’Habitat) is an institution managed by the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers) in Paris. Its Alumni association has been gathering students and Alumni since 2007.


Its main objective is to revitalize ICH’s associative life and to offer a place for dialogue online to its existing associations where its 7.500 Alumni and 3.000 students can discuss, share experience, advice and expertise.

 The Management Board of this association is willing to multiply the opportunities for its members to meet, to promote friendly and professional relations in France or abroad, to contribute to the institution’s reputation and to support the career development of its junior or senior members.

To achieve these objectives, ICH Alumni association relies on the AlumnForce solution and its performing management tools:

  • An online directory in addition to the paper directory, which is distributed to junior Alumni during their graduation ceremony. The online directory is a list of all Alumni, students, teachers and companies related to ICH institution.
  • An emailing campaigns tool to communicate about the network and the institution’s news.
  • An online calendar: members can easily register for afterworks, professional conferences or thematic clubs meetings For paid events, the association can manage online payments via the AlumnForce solution.
  • A Career Center for students and Alumni to consult job or internship offers and to apply for a position online.
  • And many other tools!

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