HEC Alumni

HEC Alumni

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We’re glad to welcome HEC Alumni in our great AlumnForce community. Founded in 1883, HEC Alumni Association was recognised for its public utility by Decree of 11 Januray 1990 and gathers all HEC Paris graduates.

Working in partnership with the school and the foundation, HEC Alumni Association’s mains missions are:

  • coordinating the inclusive, friendly yet professional network of over 52,000 alumni from all HEC Paris degree programs,
  • supporting HEC Paris graduates throughout their career,
  • promoting HEC Paris in France and around the world, thanks to events organised on relevant economic, social and intellectual issues


With AlumnForce, HEC students and graduates can now get in touch with a powerful and international network from their desktops, tablets and smartphones. Among the services provided, members can read all network’s news about entrepreneurship, digital or finance… They can also attend and register via the online ticketing system to the many events organised by HEC Alumni.

The Association also provides career services: support, workshops and CV Bank to foster recruitment and cooptation. More than 1,000 experimented mentors pass on their knowledge to other alumni each year thanks to AlumnForce.

The network is structured around Clubs and Chapters which allow to gather members automatically according to geographical, academic or professional criterias (international or regional Clubs, promotion Chapters…). Each Club is managed by a group manager assisted by moderators giving more autonomy to each group.

HEC Alumni is able to develop its initiatives and services for alumni thanks to the payment of their membership fees online and the voluntary commitment of over 1,000 alumni.

HEC Alumni is a large community whose members share the same values. The Association offers its members the opportunity to keep in touch with fellow graduates, whether they live just down the road or on the other side of the world!

We wish all HEC Alumni members a good networking!

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