E.S.T Alumni network

E.S.T Alumni network

Access to the alumni network: est-alumni.com/

E.S.T Alumni association has entrusted AlumnForce with the web development of their online Alumni network to gather students, Alumni and teachers.


Managers, Business developers, CEO, working in the transportation industry and with good memories of their students years at E.S.T, E.S.T Alumni members have various and rich profiles. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the School and in order to create a greater synergy between members, E.S.T Alumni association has launched an online platform designed to boost dialogue and interactions.

Students, junior or senior Alumni and teachers can dialogue, help each other and share best practices in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere using AlumnForce performing tools:

  • Interactive wall

  • Events management

  • Online contributions management

  • Forums

  • Career Center with job and internship offers

  • Company profiles

  • Etc.

We are pleased to welcome E.S.T Alumni with our AlumnForce community!

Let's talk about your alumni relations.Contact us!

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