Club V.I.E social and professional network

Club V.I.E social and professional network

Access to the alumni network:

Club V.I.E, founded in 2006 by UBIFRANCE, is a club dedicated to anyone who took part in the International Volunteer Program (V.I.E/A, VSN or CSN). This is a social professional network that offers its members a place to share experiences and memories about the program and that helps them boost their career development.


This worldwide network gathers over 8.000 active members willing to develop their network via the AlumnForce platform. Among the many functionalities developed by AlumnForce, Club V.I.E has chosen to offer the following to its members and contributors:

  • Online directory: via the multicriteria search and geolocation, members of the community can easily get in touch and develop their network
  • Online agenda to plan events and meetings
  • Newsfeed and articles publication to share information with the whole community
  • Career center to force the pace of the professional career of unemployed members or retraining members. Applicants can apply for positions online directly on the platform and recruiters can manage applications in a few clicks
  • Groups to create dedicated spaces for members who have worked in the same country to dialogue and share tips and good memories
  • Online forum to let anyone ask for advice or opinions about a given topic

Club V.I.E has all the tools it needs to empower its dynamic network, we wish them a successful management of their community!


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