Centrale Lille Alumni

Centrale Lille Alumni

Access to the alumni network: www.centraliens-lille.org/


Alumni and student international network of l’Ecole Centrale de Lille


Les Centraliens de Lille (also called the Engineers’ Association) was launched in 1877 to foster interaction between Alumni and students. Today, this network is still very dynamic with over 10 000 Alumni and students in France and worldwide. They share commun values and interests. The association trusted AlumnForce to offer its members a genuine social professional network for them to dialogue and share opinions and advices.

The association goals are the following:

  • Bring students and Alumni together (plan events, networking evenings, etc.)

  • Meet each member’s needs (mentoring and trainings)

  • Share information (news feed, online directory, thematic conferences, etc.)

  • Support career (career center, job alerts, career forum, etc.)

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