CELSA journalist network is launched !

CELSA journalist network is launched !

Access to the alumni network: www.reseaudesjournalistesducelsa.fr/

Journalism departement of CELSA launches its own social and professional network targeted to students, alumni and staffs. Future journalists can share their professionals experiences, exchange advises on business evolution and job offers, enhance online social network life by posting articles and participating to events. Internal job board offers to CELSA Journalism departement students and alumni a way to receive and consult hidden jobs that match their criteria. This social and professional network has for goals to heighten employability, support careers, develop exchanges between alumni  and highlight school strenghts. Clubs and Discussions allow members to share their opinions and become part of the network activities. These functionalities stimulate and enrich interaction between members. A member can subscribe and enroll to groups and research by key words and categories. Each group disposes of its own blog, multimedia galery and wall. Groups are managed by one administrator who can design another member to be a moderator. Visit CELSA Journalism Departement social network Adress : 77 Rue de Villiers – 92200 Neuilly sur Seine – France Phone : +33 (0)1 46 43 76 76 Mail : contact@celsa.paris-sorbonne.fr


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