Asanutt – University of Technology of Troyes Alumni association

Asanutt – University of Technology of Troyes Alumni association

Access to the alumni network:

Asanutt is an association founded in December 1996. It groups every graduates from the University of Technology of Troyes. In early 2016, the association has launched with AlumnForce its new web platform dedicated to all the alumni from the University.

With a network available on every devices (tablets, smartphones and computers), Asanutt wants to give its members not only the opportunity to talk together and to contribute to the content but  also to facilitate their professional integration.

The private social professional newtork allows the students, young graduates and alumni to check the offers, to create job alerts and to network thanks to the online directory !

The association has put the emphasis on three main axes :

  • the professional integration thanks to a career center including recruiters account, data import from LinkedIn or Viadeo, and a CV database

  • an easy communication with the members thanks to a newsletter function and the ability to publish content on every social media instantaneously

  • unity of the members on various topics thanks to groups administrated by the community itself


Asanutt offers its members a new user-friendly and professional platform on which keeping in touch and being involved in the community life is very easy !

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