Students and alumni are increasingly using the careers centers of their school or university to network and find professional opportunities. Recruiters therefore have a big interest in positioning themselves on the alumni networks.

The new-generation careers centers that alumni benefit from having a definite advantage for administrators, but also allow companies and therefore recruiters to:

Find Talents

New generation careers centers allow companies to recruit good people in a simple and efficient way. Thanks to a a CV library entirely
intuitive, recruiters can filter their research and access the profile of students or alumni in job search, internship or apprenticeship. Careers centers also allow your network members to declare themselves as “listening to the market” to go back into recruiters research. AlumnForce Talent is for example intended to spread your offers across all AlumnForce networks to 5 million potential candidates, to allow you to find the pearl that will complement your team.
Careers centers offer recruiters the opportunity to make an appointment with network members whose profiles correspond to their expectations to organize an interview.
In this quest for new talent, the cv library is not the only tool available to the recruiters. they can also directly post jobs offer on the jobboard where members  can apply on their own. The recruiter then has a back office to manage his offers and the applications received.

Enhance your employer brand

As for the corporate networks, the services and alumni associations of schools and universities are at the service of the employer brand of companies. It is necessary to manage your image with young people who are entering the labour market and who can be the future of your business. Careers Centers that allow recruiters to find talent by posting offers or surfing the cv library, offer companies to publish company descriptive sheets. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your company’s values, goals and expectations to graduates and future graduates. From his account, the recruiter can optimize this company card “visually” by adding logo, banners, videos etc... 
Careers Centers also allows you to represent yourself in a united and federated community. For example, your employees can become the spokespersons for your company by posting on their profile to be employed by you and by attracting new talents to exchange with them on the values of your company. 

AlumnForce is the web and mobile solution of private professional social network. If you also want to have a new generation career center, find out more here or contact us!

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