• Gamification: the new 3.0 method

    For a few years, the gamification concept is very fashionable within the companies’ strategy and has also slowly conquered the academic establishments (universities, business schools, engineering schools…) priorities. Indeed, the gamification is the art of using the gaming methods with strategic purposes.  By creating some scenarios relevant with your users’ profile, you will spontaneously motivate […]

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  • Paris-Descartes University trusts AlumnForce for its alumni network

    Who? University How many people? 20000 students  Goals? To develop its network on different UFR  Paris-Descartes University, renowned french university, has chosen to launch its wide alumni network to appreciate all the different profiles it owns.  The University developed itself around the medical field and wanted to spread on the other UFR. The Paris Descartes […]

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  • Meet the AlumnForce team at the CASE Europe Annual Conference in Birmingham!

    Stand 32. From the 27th to the 29th of August. Birmingham, United Kingdom. As every year, AlumnForce will be present at the CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education), THE referenced fair specialized in alumni relations and former employees federation strategies.  Come and meet us in live and assist to our demo to discover […]

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  • Why is a mentoring service enjoyable and relavant for an alumni community?

    Mentor: n.m. a person dedicated in being your wise advisor.  The term comes from Greek mythology. It’s when Ulysses leaves for the Troye war, that his son’s education is ensured by a friend named “Mentor”. This old man will provide Télémaque with all his knowledge and skills by becoming his tutor.  More and more trendy […]

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