• The ISM’s IAE of the Versailles University chooses AlumnForce to launch its only community network!

    Who? Management Institute How many alumni? More than 150 000 alumni  Goals: Develop a strong and real belonging feeling  Actress of the Yvelines department, the Management Institute, which is apart of the Paris-Saclay University offers to its numerous students an online service which generates internships, jobs and mentoring offers. AlumnForce was already in charge of […]

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  • Ynov chooses AlumnForce to launch its alumni network

    Who? French leader and expert in teaching digital professions How many people? 13 000 alumni Goals? Develop the numerization of the internship contracts.   Higher Education Group with a digital DNA, Ynov – french leader in teaching digital professions- chose to gather and federate its 13000 alumni, 4300 students and 6 campus on one and only […]

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  • Savignac school chooses AlumnForce to create and develop its alumni network

    Who?: Culinary art and hospitality management school  How many?: 2500 alumni Goals: develop a strong belonging feeling    Located in the center of the Dordogne region, Savignac School has been training for more than 20 years in the culinary arts and hospitality management jobs. Concerned in sustaining the links with its former students, the school […]

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  • Gamification: the new 3.0 method

    For a few years, the gamification concept is very fashionable within the companies’ strategy and has also slowly conquered the academic establishments (universities, business schools, engineering schools…) priorities. Indeed, the gamification is the art of using the gaming methods with strategic purposes.  By creating some scenarios relevant with your users’ profile, you will spontaneously motivate […]

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