Founded in 1966, the Instituto Europeo di Design (european institute for design) is an italian school which offers its students various courses in Design, Communication, Management, Visual Arts and Fashion. The IED is an international students network and a team of teachers coming from the professional world and sharing their experience. The Institute has links with major companies in their sector.

More than 120 000 graduates coming from more than 90 countries are part of the global network. IED is located in 11 important cities : Milano, Roma, Torino, Venice, Firenze, Cagliri, Como, Madrid, Barcelona, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

IED has decided to federate that significant community by launching an online network IED Alumni.

IED Alumni is not only open to every school graduates but also to every student who have already followed at least one class at the IED.
Eventually, it will allow members to :


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