Group STUDIO M HEJ Alumni network

Philippe LANSADE, school manager, decided to give a boost to his intercampus network HEJ STUDIO M by choosing online alumni solution AlumnForce.
The main goal is to gather students, alumni and staffs from different campus around one unique communality feeling and stimulate contact.
To reinforce this spirit, the network is organized in groups where every association, club or community can benefit from its own administration, agenda, blog or discussion groups. Each member disposes of his own multimedia portfolio where he can post audio-visuals and graphics productions, professional’s pictures, studies or presentations.
Recruiters can create their own Enterprise account, access to every profile and post internships and job offers whenever they want.
Studio M and HEJ are one of the first-movers by proposing to their first year students a subscription to their social and professional network.
Visit STUDIO M HEJ alumni association portal

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