21 June 2019

Grenoble INP Alumni choisit AlumnForce pour lancer sa plateforme en ligne

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Campus INP Grenoble

Who? Engineering school 

How many people? 40 000 alumni 

Goals: Gather and entertain the engineers network of Grenoble

The former “Houille Blanche de Grenoble” took a refreshing dip. Recently re-named Grenoble INP Alumni, this application of alumni confirm and keeps its friendly and solidary network between its members in order to strengthen its school’s fame. By stimulating and gathering on the app, Grenoble INP Alumni works in favor of the academic excellence and the promotion of the engineering job.  

The network finds its strengths in its long and complete online contact book that allows to directly exchange with both graduates, students, recruiters, teachers. Collaborating with AlumnForce, Grenoble INP Alumni was able to make its projects real and promote its school image while enhancing the fame of its degrees. The triad of values on which lies the school -solidarity, excellence and network- has not been forgotten and today, it is more than 40 000 alumni that are connected and can exchange all around the world. 

The local life of the network is now stimulated, events are actualized and relations developed. The communal and social dimension of the application is reached and stands today as a real and powerful springboard for the alumni. 

If, you feel seduced by this idea and want to start your own Alumni network, in order to gather up together all of your former employees, feel free to contact us

Written by Victoria

About Victoria

Victoria is in charge of the communication at AlumnForce. AlumnForce is the web and mobile solution dedicated to all schools, universities, corporates and alumni associations that want to create a great social and professional network for their members, students, alumni, graduates, teachers and recruiters.

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