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Access the register of all your members to enable your community to share and strengthen its links.

Give shape to your community

The network directory is a key feature of our alumni platform, designed to simplify connections and interactions between alumni. By providing a clear and accessible overview of members, this tool helps to strengthen professional and personal links within the community. Whether you want to find an old classmate, expand your professional network or simply keep up to date with everyone’s career path, the network directory is the ideal solution.

Strengthen the links between your members

The directory is equipped with advanced search functions and intuitive filters, allowing you to quickly find the people and information you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a mentor in a specific field, an old classmate or an expert on a particular project, the directory saves you valuable time by making this information easily accessible. You can also focus on members of your graduating class, or the club of which you were a member…

Keep your data up to date thanks to your community

Users can personalise their profile in the directory by adding relevant information and updating their contact details. This personalisation allows their skills and interests to be accurately reflected, making interactions richer and more meaningful. By encouraging regular updating of profiles, the directory encourages greater engagement and interaction within the community.

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