Why and how to start a Mentoring program   Why and how to start a Mentoring program

Mentoring is defined as the support, assistance or exchange between two individuals (the mentor and the mentee), particularly for personal development, but also and especially to accompany and develop the careers of your members.

The benefits are multiple, both for the mentee and the mentor and especially for your institution. Today, there are more and more programs that bring together the members of your network throughout their careers.

Matching and matchmaking   Matching and matchmaking

AlumnForce allows you to quickly create your mentoring groups. Thanks to our customizable matching algorithm, and a simple and intuitive interface, you give your members the possibility to create their mentoring relationship independently. Mentors and mentees can choose the areas where they want to interact and are matched with the most relevant profiles.

The algorithm is fully customizable, and allows you to adjust the matching according to the expectations and needs of your mentors and mentees. The interface naturally guides you to adjust it according to your needs, and our teams are available to assist you.

Mentor/Mentee Relationship Management   Mentor/Mentee Relationship Management

AlumnForce provides all the necessary tools for the smooth running of the mentoring relationship between all participants. Once the pair is formed, the two members can fully manage their relationship on the platform thanks to the planning and appointment tools, with the choice of date, time and duration.

The participants also have a Meet & Share space reserved on the platform in order to start a discussion via private messaging.

They can also carry out their exchanges live via the integrated videoconference tool.

Monitoring and animation of your program   Monitoring and animation of your program

As an administrator, you have the ability to monitor and evaluate the success of your program on an ongoing basis.

You can create your own pairs, create a charter of use and good conduct, follow the evolution of relationships, choose long-term programs or organize Flash Mentoring sessions, conduct post-mentoring satisfaction surveys…

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