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Online directory   Online directory

With AlumnForce, your online directory is automatically updated with the data your members add to their profile pages. Its powerful search engine and filters allow your members to find a fellow alumni easily. Geolocation also helps them get in touch with other alumni living or working close to them. The online directory can also be synchronised with an existing students and graduates database (Excel import, CSV, XML, API, Web Services).

Users management   Users management

AlumnForce provides you with an administration dashboard that simplifies users and database management. For an administrator, exporting the database fully or partially, adding or deleting users can be done in a few clicks.

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Data export   Data export

As an administrator, you can export your user base, company profiles or job offers easily and whenever you need to. You can choose the fields you want to export and file format (.csv, .xls, .xlsx). AlumnForce can also be interfaced with the tools your IT service already uses (Eudonet, Apogée, 4D, etc.).

Statistics   Statistics

AlumnForce generates real-time statistics for you to know better your community and its activity. A dashboard indicates the number of active accounts, the geographic distribution, the starting salary, the members distribution by sector or position. In a wink, you’ll have a global vision on your alumni engagement on the platform, statistics on contents creation, groups’ activity, etc.

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Wanted   Wanted

Use your active community to find lost alumni and grow your network. With our “Wanted” feature, your active members can get in touch with inactive members or those whose contact details are missing.

Profile pages   Profile pages

On their profile pages, your students and alumni can display their training and professional experiences. Profile pages are also provided with a multimedia portfolio that members can use to share and update achievements. When members complete their profile, your database is updated automatically, in real-time. Alumni can synchronize their profile with LinkedIn or Facebook in one click.

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