Articles & Events   Articles & Events

Write an article, organize an event, plan a post, manage your media galleries… The AlumnForce features have been designed to be simple and intuitive! You and your members can create and share news and events, therefore your community is animated in a collaborative way. An online ticketing system is at your disposal to manage your events and your members’ events easily. You can also make some content public and share them on social networks in order to generate more traffic.

Groups & Clubs   Groups & Clubs

AlumnForce allows you to create public or private groups for the community members. Each group can be considered as a small community within the main network, allowing your members to express themselves: dedicated agenda, media galleries, private wall… Groups are structured with group managers and moderators who have additional rights in order to manage the group independently.

Emailing & Newsletters   Emailing & Newsletters

In order to make communication with your community even easier, AlumnForce includes a newsletter management tool. The mailing list feature allows you to select your members depending on different criteria such as their geographical area, their profile or their diploma. Using the emailing templates allows you to easily to show the visual identity of your school, university or organization on your communications. You can also access statistics on the performance of your newsletters (open rates, clicks, etc.).

Mobile app   Mobile app

Because we’re committed to providing you with the best solution on every device, our team developed the AlumnForce mobile app that can be customized to fit your network, your school or your association. Your members can not only easily access the online directory and the profile pages, but also geolocate other alumni and contact them via email, phone or private message.

Social networks   Social networks

AlumnForce allows you to use social networks as a communication means in order to generate more traffic on your platform and share your contents with a wider audience. Share in a single click your public news and events on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Alumni can synchronize their profile with LinkedIn and Facebook in one click.

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Private messages   Private messages

AlumnForce includes an efficient private messaging system in order to foster exchanges and contacts. Members can communicate directly and confidentially on the platform and can also receive all messages by email if they want to.

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