CV Bank   CV Bank

In order to gain visibility towards recruiters, a member can declare himself as “Actively searching for a job” or “Seeking opportunities”: he’ll then be automatically part of the AlumnForce CV bank. The “Applicant Alerts” help recruiters and alumni get notified when a profile matches their needs and search criterias.

Employability statistics   Employability statistics

With AlumnForce, you can measure and analyze professional data in real-time. In one click, you’ll know all about the companies that hire the most within your network, the wait time before your members get their first job or your alumni income levels.

Company profiles   Company profiles

Company profiles are organized in the company directory which grows incrementally and autonomously as members fill out their profile pages with their professional experiences. Each company profile includes job offers and members (currently working, former employees and recruiters) linked to the company. Company profiles are also a way for your members to promote the employer’s brand within the network.

Internship agreements   Internship agreements

AlumnForce allows you to recreate your internship agreements online. An administrator, a student or a teacher can fill out an online form containing all the information needed for the internship. The agreement will need to be approved before being generated in PDF, printed and signed. AlumnForce can handle an unlimited number of different agreements and also supports amendments.

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Job board   Job board

With AlumnForce, your members have benefit from a professional job board that integrates a search engine and many filters to pinpoint job offers, search by contract type, sector or function. Each user can set their own “Job Alerts” to avoid missing great opportunities! AlumnForce also encourages co-option: the job offers that are published by alumni are highlighted on the job board.

Recruiters accounts   Recruiters accounts

Invite your corporate partners to create a recruiter account on your network to advertise jobs, internship or apprenticeship offers, manage applications and browse applicant profile pages. As an administrator, you can control and approve offers before they are published.

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