Corporate Alumni – 10 years of success for the Adecco network

The Adecco alumni network was created ten years ago under the aegis of management in partnership with AlumnForce. The main objective was to perpetuate the Adecco spirit through employees who leave the company. This mission has been more than successful, and is now a vector for bringing people together and creating business opportunities.

The Adecco Group, world leader in human resources solutions, is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its corporate alumni network in France this year. Founded in 1964, Adecco is present in 60 countries and supports more than 2 million careers every year. The group stands out for its core values: passion, team spirit, entrepreneurship, responsibility and customer focus. These guiding principles inspire every action and decision. They enable Adecco to remain true to its commitment to making work more meaningful for its employees, clients and communities.

Here’s a look back at 10 years of a corporate alumni network that conveys the company’s values!

  1. Origins and objectives of the Adecco network
  2. Structure and operation of the Corporate Alumni network
  3. Benefits of the Corporate Alumni platform


Origins and objectives of the Adecco network

Launched in 2014 with AlumnForce, The Adecco Group alumni network is celebrating its tenth anniversary, marking a decade of success and growth. To mark the occasion, we caught up with Anne Roiret, to discuss the evolution and successes of this unique initiative.

Anne Roiret is an iconic figure at Adecco, having spent 37 years with the Group, including as its Chairman. It was because of her knowledge of the Group that Christophe Catoir – President of the Adecco brand worldwide – asked her to take on the role of Secretary General of the network.

The Adecco alumni network was created ten years ago under the aegis of the then President of France, Alain Dehaze. The main objective was to perpetuate the Adecco spirit through employees who leave the company.

History of Adecco's corporate alumni network


Structure and operation of the Corporate Alumni network

Adecco’s alumni network is structured in a decentralised way to ensure autonomous and efficient management. It is divided into five regions: North, South, East, West and Île-de-France. Each region has an office run by a regional alumni correspondent (from outside the Group) and an operational director (an employee of the Group). “It’s imperative that management is involved for this to work” Anne stresses. This structure allows the regional offices to manage their events and activities independently. In this way, local contacts and the dynamism of the network are encouraged.

As General Secretary, Anne coordinates the entire network. “The President of Adecco appoints the President of the alumni network as well as the General Secretary. We have a strategic committee and an advisory committee which meet regularly to define the direction and development of the network“, she explains. This organisation guarantees overall coherence while leaving a great deal of autonomy to the regions.

To ensure the network’s compliance, the legal department has drawn up an alumni charter. In particular, it ensures compliance with regulations, notably the GDPR. Over the years, the profile of members who can join the network has evolved: “We have gradually broadened participation in the alumni network. For example, we have abolished the minimum length of service requirement, or opened up the network to employees who have left for competitors“, adds Anne. These changes have made it possible to open up the network more widely and integrate former employees more effectively, while retaining the Adecco spirit.


Case study of Adecco's corporate alumni network


Benefits of the Corporate Alumni platform

The network is now firmly rooted in the company. There is a very good activation rate among members, of around 75%. “That’s an excellent rate. This proves that people understand the value of the network and that it is attractive to members“, explains Tom Challier, Corporate Alumni Specialist at AlumnForce. It’s a living force that grows every year and proves its usefulness. In particular, we can highlight the impact on recruitment: “It’s a network that can be a source of recruitment, particularly with boomerang employees“.

Another valuable aspect is that the network is also a vector for business opportunities. It’s easy for members who know and trust each other to share information or help each other with their new business. “Business relationships are created between members. In particular, we see exchanges such as reference checks or openings in purchasing departments”, explains Anne Roiret.

Adecco’s alumni network is based on a personalised digital platform. It facilitates the management of events, communication and the running of the network. It plays an important role in the dynamics of the network by allowing members to stay connected and benefit from various services:

Event management: Events are organised and managed via the platform, simplifying the invitation, registration follow-up and reminder process. “Managing events on the platform is remarkably simple and efficient” says Anne.

Emailing and newsletters: The platform enables targeted and personalised communication, avoiding the risk of overloading members with irrelevant information. “We use the platform to relay relevant news and career opportunities. This keeps members interested and engaged,” explains Anne.

– Networking and mutual support: The platform encourages interaction between members, facilitating networking and mutual professional support. “The more the network grows and the more it exists, the stronger it becomes”, says Anne.

Internal Job Board: Adecco makes current job offers available to its members, thus helping the human resources department with recruitment in a tight market.


Corporate Alumni at the service of the company

In celebrating its tenth anniversary, the Adecco alumni network is demonstrating the importance of agility, autonomy and alignment with the company’s values for the success of a corporate alumni network. Anne Roiret concludes: “The aim is to perpetuate the spirit of collaboration and mutual support that characterises our group“. As the network enters its second decade, it remains an inspiring example of how to manage and run a corporate alumni network. It shows how a company can maintain strong and productive links with its former employees.



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