The beginning of the school year is synonymous with the resumption of activity for alumni networks. It is the occasion to seal relationships with your members but also to introduce yourself to new students and encourage them to activate or create their account on your network.

Présentez-leur le réseau

The beginning of the school year is the perfect opportunity to show students the value of having an alumni network.Some of them may not be aware of all the advantages, so this is the time to introduce yourself! During the integration day, find a time when you will capture the attention of new students to present your services. Don't hesitate to offer them a time when you will be available to answer their questions. Also, don't hesitate to present your missions to them via a mailing a few days before the start of the school year, having first retrieved the database of new students. 

Proposez leur des évènements

Don't wait for new students to register to your platform to give them access to the first conferences and webinars of the year. Take the time to organize conferences or webinars dedicated to them, for example on the discovery of the Career Center as Neoma Alumni does or on the interest of networking by Essec Alumni. This type of event can be used to present your platform and its various services to new students and encourage them to activate their account.


Highlight active alumni and student profiles on your network 

Mobilize your active students and alumni on your network. Encourage them to welcome new students and share their experience on the platform. Prepare a list of typical members who would have taken advantage of your network to find an internship, a work-study program or a job for example. Group administrators can also welcome new students by organizing back-to-school afterworks for example. If you offer a mentoring program, this is also the time to introduce mentors and mentees in order to reassure students and to show them all the mutual aid that is organized through the network. 

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