AlumnForce evolves and becomes... AlumnForce

After 14 years of existence and now more than 300 networks that we accompany on a daily basis, we are proud and happy to present you the new brand identity that we have created for AlumnForce!

After 14 years of existence and now more than 300 networks that we accompany on a daily basis, we are proud and happy to present you the new brand identity that we have created for AlumnForce!

What does this change mean?

First of all, it is an echo of the transformations we are observing in our sector. The recruitment paradigm is changing, there are more recruitment needs than candidates. Students and young graduates are looking for meaning in their work. Alumni networks have a real role to play in this context. They must adapt by offering new services that meet the needs of their community!

It is also a desire to better share our offer. Today AlumnForce is the only 360 alumni solution on the market. And it is important for us to highlight all the possibilities of our platform. Because we offer 4 main solutions:

  • A community platform
  • A Career Center platform
  • The organization of virtual or hybrid Career Fairs
  • Un programme de Mentoring


Today, AlumnForce is THE turnkey platform that allows you to manage, support and develop all aspects of your members' careers.

Let's get down to business: the graphic charter!

Here is our new logo!

Goodbye dear hat*

The need to come together is increasingly present in all organizations. Today, we support institutions of higher education as well as associations, companies, foundations, ministries... We wanted to be more inclusive for all these new entities that are looking to create their community and open our doors to them.

Our previous logo

*If you didn't notice, the AF icon represented a student's hat at graduation


Welcome to the new logo

We decided to represent the initials of AlumnForce on this logotype, taking advantage of the A to use a triangular shape. It is a symbol of stability and harmony between all the stakeholders of the network: the institution, its members and the platform which is the place of exchange (Pyramids = symbol of knowledge and technological prowess).

The F fits into this triangle to bring dynamism and openness to the network, whose mission is to welcome and bring together all its members.


New colours

For us, a network is a human place, full of life and interaction. That's why the color of our logo has historically been yellow, synonymous with joy and animation. That's why we have kept it in this new version.

As we told you, the great novelty is the highlighting of our 4 solutions. We have therefore assigned a color to each of them in order to give them their own existence and visibility:

  • Alumni Network - a soothing blue, which evokes a space of trust and refers to social networks
  • Career Center - A positive and bright red-violet. It inspires energy, dynamism, and is forward-looking
  • Virtual Career Fair - A soft orange, synonymous with positivity, communication and exchange
  • Mentoring: - A balanced and bright blue-green that symbolizes confidence, hope and balance. This blend of blue and green ties in perfectly with the idea of an ideal relationship between a mentor and mentee


And this is what you get with all AlumnForce solutions!

We are proud to present this result. It's a work we started a year ago, and we spent a lot of time on it. We wanted to make sure that this change is representative of who we are, and the values that we carry on a daily basis.

Sketches considered in the design process

This also corresponds to a search for novelty for the brand ! We work every day to improve our solutions, and we update them regularly. This way, we ensure that each of our partners benefits from the latest technologies available, all year long. It is therefore logical that our visual identity evolves.



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