Now more than 100 campuses, Schools and Universities have chosen AlumnForce to create their social professional Alumni network ! We are glad to work hand in hand with those networks and to help them creating, managing and animating their students and graduates community on their AlumnForce platform in order to help them highlighting their education and notoriety !

Thanks to the close relationships we cultivated with our clients and their network, we have developed a true expertise in animating and managing an Alumni network, as well as a good knowledge of needs and expectations from administrators, students, young graduates, alumni, recruiters and teachers ! We bring our view but we always listen to our users – their feedbacks are essentials to our service evolution.
Stay close to our partners, collect their needs, listen to them : here are the secrets to create an efficient tool which responds to the associations, schools and universities needs and to value their diploma, to enhance their Alumni, to facilitate professional integration and to reinforce the sense of belonging of their members !
Those networks represent a community of 165 experts in the animation and management of students and Alumni network, who can meet and exchange on our Club AlumnForce ! We would like to thank them all for this trust-based relationship, for their loyalty and for all the exchanges we have with them. They make it possible : thank you from all the AlumnForce team !
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