7 DO’s and DON’Ts for Successful Alumni relations

1. DO have a website for your Alumni network
A website to showcase your network’s dynamism and activity is essential. Boost it with useful services (online directory, career center, mentoring management, clubs, etc.). An official and unique website will help members have access to information from everywhere at anytime, need I say more?

2. DON’T spam members
Keep them updated with RELEVANT information. Spare members some time and do not spam them with daily messages otherwise they are likely to unsubscribe to your newsletters or mark you as spam and this is not good for your overall reputation.

3. DO offer services in line with your members’ needs
Listen to your community’s feedbacks and needs. Offer a solution that meets their requirements (business or career opportunities, trainings and mentoring, afterworks and networking evenings, etc.).

4. DON’T underestimate the time it will need
Publish articles once in a while and organize events twice a year? Not good enough! Team up with highly motivated volunteers and staff members to bring life to your network! Managing Alumni relations takes a lot of time and dedication but in the end it is all worth it, right?

5. DO involve members
Let members know about your projects for the network and give them the opportunity to take part if they are willing to (mentors, lecturers, speakers, business angels, etc.). You can find a project for each kind of Alumni in your network (junior, senior or retired Alumni).

6. DON’T fight against traditional social networks
Social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are powerful. Powerful enemies or powerful friends, it is up to you! We recommend you to rather consider them your friends. Use them to communicate to a wide audience, find lost Alumni and attract them to your website.

7. DO work side by side with stakeholders
Students, Alumni, teachers, recruiters and administration staff members: keep in mind that anyone can be a potential ambassador and that you share common interests. Better reputation, better opportunities, better training: make the best out of this win-win relation.

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Alumni [a .lym.ni]
Plural noun

1. Graduate of a university / school / training
2. Alumni of a company / organisation
3. Plural of alumnus

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