25 June 2019

42 choses AlumnForce to develop its alumni community

42 réseau communauté alumnforce alumni solution web plateforme étudiants

Campus 42. 

Who? Private school 

How many people? 1600 alumni

Goals: create a unifying structure

By creating the higher education institution 42, Xavier Niel -vice president of the Free group- wanted to install a new type of formations based on a revolutionary pedagogy know as the “peer-to-peer learning” (meaning a participative training without classes not teachers making creativity at its best). 

It became so essential for this pioneer institution to own its alumni network in order to connect and strengthen the links between the students. This new federation 2.0 allows the information to circulate easily and makes the mutual assistance between students possible. 

By giving to AlumnForce the mission of creating its alumni application, 42 was able to obtain tailored-made services following its genuine singularity: the network looks like the institution, it is neat, clear and pithy. Nevertheless, the most important tools are present as for the contact list, the private messaging, the useful “job board” and the agenda with the events to come. 

Trusting AlumnForce for the development of its network it is to ensure the coherence between intended projects and concrete productions. 

If, you feel seduced by this idea and want to start your own Alumni network, in order to gather up together all of your former employees, feel free to contact us! 

Written by Victoria

About Victoria

Victoria is in charge of the communication at AlumnForce. AlumnForce is the web and mobile solution dedicated to all schools, universities, corporates and alumni associations that want to create a great social and professional network for their members, students, alumni, graduates, teachers and recruiters.

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