The 10 Commandments of the Alumni Network - part 3/3

Continuation and end of the Alumni Network Commandments. This time we put your members at the center of your actions!

Continuation and end of the Commandments of the alumni network. This time we place the human being at the center of your actions. How to strengthen the links between your members? How to boost exchanges within your community? And above all, how to create a link that will last over time!

  1. You will breathe life into your network
  2. You will bring out your network and your members
  3. You will show attentiveness to your community
  4. You will humanise your network


Boost the life and activity of your community

Your community really becomes a network when the exchanges and interactions between your members multiply. It is a place of sharing and opportunities where you are the driving force! 
Because it is up to you to breathe life into your network. It's up to you to innovate and to be constantly proposing new ways to engage your members, and thus keep them loyal. Be aware of the trends and demands of your alumni. Maybe you need to hold events more regularly, maybe you need to set up a mentoring program or organise career conferences... The field of possibilities is infinite. It's up to you to seize the opportunities and involve your members in making them happen.

Know how to recognise the value of your network, and put it forward in your communication

Recognising the value of your network and its members is a key issue. It may seem trivial to you, but being aware of it can help you develop a sense of belonging in your community, and attract new partners.
Internally, each of your members is a source of wealth. Each path, each experience can be a driving force for the career of your members, both students and alumni. Share this wealth with the community, through events and content! You will bring a lot of value to your members and to the network itself.
Externally, knowing how to highlight the richness of your network, both in terms of the profiles present and the activities that take place there, is essential. This way, you prove that your network is alive and rich in opportunities for your partner companies: recruitment, employer brand, reputation, etc.

Stay in tune with your network and its members

Being a good listener is a key quality to keep up with the needs and expectations of your members. They are the ones who give you the guidelines on what is important to them on the network!
Regularly analyse the statistics of your platform, these will be the best quantitative indicators of what works or what you like. What is the theme of the last article that received the most views, which format is the most viewed, which pages are the most consulted... And to be qualitative, consult your members regularly and directly via questionnaires. Your members are a real goldmine of information for proposing services that are as close as possible to their expectations!

Place people at the heart of your concerns

Encourage exchanges and meetings to make your network live in real life through face-to-face events. Because this is the purpose of an alumni network: to create and strengthen the links between its members. The face-to-face remains the strongest vector of social link, the essential ingredient to create this much sought-after feeling of belonging that will bring your community together!

And just for you, we are making available the printable pdf of the 10 commandments to always have them at your disposal!



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