A corporate network with a strong and committed community is a real advantage for any company. It is therefore essential that your employees be able to take advantage of this network so that they can reciprocate you. 

Business opportunities

The corporate network is a real asset for your company. Keeping in touch with your employees and former employees will save you time and money during your recruitment, thanks to boomerang recruitment for example.
The corporate network also makes it possible to improve your employer brand.  It makes it possible to create links between your employees, and sometimes even former employees. From then on, business opportunities can arise from these connections, which you would not have detected without the interpersonal link you created thanks to your network.
These opportunities can be internal and involve a promotion, a change of services that could also go through a career center. This is for example the case of PWC which has published more than 100 offers for internal recruitment since the launch of its platform.

Opportunity to develop skills

Corporate networks also give your users access to exclusive content such as conferences or webinars. these « long-learning » opportunities give value to your network and value your employer brand by helping your employees and alumni to progress professionally. With its For Women In Science programme, the L’Oréal Foundation has already proposed more than 60 contents (conference, webinar, articles) in its training section which aims to train and inform its members on new topics.
Also, the presence of a mentoring program in your corporate network will be a source of satisfaction for your employees looking for new skills. Peer mentoring or reverse mentoring can respond to the problems of some employees, such as mastering new technical and technological tools.
These benefits will greatly benefit your employer brand by valuing employees and their self-esteem for example.
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