Creating and maintaining a corporate network is a development lever that should not be neglected for your company. Through two prisms, this network brings a real benefit, and AlumnForce introduces you to them.

Expanding your employer branding

Employer branding refers to all the issues of a company’s brand image, linked to recruitment and management. The more positive the company’s image, the more talent it attracts. Each year, Randstad Employer Brand Research studies the attractiveness of companies and ranks the 10 most attractive employers. Employer branding aims to establish a company’s reputation among employees so that they are loyal and involved in the life of the company. It also aims to capitalise on and recruit talent.

A strong employer brand increases the number of highly qualified applications by 50% according to Linkhumans. It is therefore essential to focus on this to attract the best profiles and allow your company to grow. Corporate networks are starting to conquer companies looking to improve their employer branding. Its role as a connector between employees is a guarantee of good understanding, support and solidarity. Branding has a dual role:

Employer branding is indeed a source of new talent since, according to a Linkedin study, 75% of candidates find out about a company’s reputation before applying. Moreover, if they do not like what they find, 69% refuse to apply. According to this study, 52% of candidates first surf on the employer’s website and then on its social networks. The presence of a corporate network is therefore a lever not to be neglected in order to attract candidates thanks to services dedicated to employees.

A support for recruitment

The turnover rate is the indicator that shows how many employees leave or stay in a company during a year. According to the latest data from INSEE, the average turnover rate in France has risen from 2.1% recently to over 15%, a rate considered high. With a desire for personal fulfilment, young workers find it easier to change jobs to challenge themselves rather than relying on seniority as was previously the norm.
But then if your employees don’t stay, you’re probably wondering: what’s the point of doing everything you can to make them feel at home?

Firstly, co-optation is an excellent way of recruiting new talent, and trusted talent at that. Your employees, if they are satisfied with the corporate life you offer them, could recommend friends or acquaintances qualified in your field. Through a corporate network that offers events to liven up company life but above all a complete directory accessible to all, employees feel integrated and supported in the development of their professional life.
Secondly, creating a real community around your company is not about retaining an employee who wants to see his or her professional situation evolve, but rather about keeping in touch with them.
Have you ever heard of boomerang recruitment? It is not uncommon that after another experience, an employee applies for a new position or a new challenge in a company for which he or she has already worked. It is interesting here for the company that has kept in touch with this employee via its corporate network to re-hire him/her for several reasons:

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